About Us

Hi! my name is Victoria Salami, am in my 30s. A mom of two handsome boys, one beautiful girl, and a wife to the most amazing man in the world. Originated from West Africa, Currently love it in Dallas Texas.

Growing up I had a lot of issues with my skin, from rashes to eczema, to ringworm, to boil, to pimples that lead to dark spots and uneven skin tone you name it.

This affected my self-confidence as a teenager into my young adulthood, I wasn't privileged to see a dermatologist because I can't afford it.

I remember most of the things my mom(RIP) used for me then that worked were all-natural, the likes of black soap pounded with herbs, butter mixed with herbal powder, herbal root soaked to drink, and many more natural remedies. Then about a few years ago, my son came up with very bad rashes on his arm then I remember what my mama taught me.

Lo' and behold RENEW body oil,  Neem, Moringa bar soap & RESTORE body cream were born. These three products cleared my son's skin issues in just a few weeks, even his teacher asked if I sell what I used on him. These questions then made me understand the little knowledge of herbs and their uses that I had should be used to help others, I further researched and took classes to know more about these herbs and am so glad I did. I am dedicated to formulating products that have nourishing and healing qualities that will be food for your skin using the best ingredients that nature has to offer because I so much love what I do now. I am aware that dry skin, uneven skin tone dark spots, stretch marks, cellulite scrapes, and old scars are part of our community. Herbs N Butters is here to let you know that beautiful, smooth glowing skin is possible without the use of harsh chemicals and ingredients.

My production process does not use synthetic fragrance oil or harmful chemicals, my soaps are made the old-fashioned way cold-pressed and scented with essential oils. Because our skin needs hydration my body butter is made with distilled water some with distilled floral water and all oils butters and waxes are naturally derived. My products are made in small batches so they get all the love and attention they need in other to feed your delicate skin the unique food it deserves.

I believe I have found my purpose and am ready to share it with the world. Thanks in advance for letting me be a part of your journey YOU'RE VALUED



Victoria Salami.